A Father's Words
How Fathers Make or
Break Their Children

by Steve Rossi (Book)

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A Father's Words examines the profound impact fathers' words have on their children. The words and actions of fathers shape their children's lives in many crucial areas. The things fathers say can make or break their children. Christian counselor Stephen Rossi presents specific strategies, examples, and solutions for repairing, restoring, and healing broken father-child relationships created by degrading words from fathers.

Rossi's insightful, practical, and compelling book focuses on helping understand, reverse, and prevent the devastating effects of demeaning words from fathers to their children. Rossi inspires and encourages fathers to make the necessary changes that will bless their children. He knows very well as a Christian counselor that this can only really be done with Christ. Rossi relies on and involves Christ in the explanation and healing process throughout his book. A Father's Words is based on Rossi's work with fathers and their children throughout his career.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Words and Actions
Part 2 - Words of Life
Part 3 - Words of Death
Part 4 - Words that Heal
Part 5 - Words that Build
Part 6 - Our Heavenly Father's Words
Part 7 - Epilogue

Title: A Father's Words - How Fathers Make or Break Their Children
Format: Book, 157pp
ISBN# - 978-1-59824-961-3

Book Printed in the United States of America
First Edition

© Copyright May 2008 by Stephen Rossi
All Rights Reserved
Published November 2008
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