My mission is to draw people to Christ and encourage them to experience His saving grace, mercy, love, and healing power. I enjoy helping people heal, change, and grow through difficult times in their lives. I am here to serve Christ, the body of believers, and minister to the hurting and lost. I want to glorify Christ in everything I do, from counseling to public speaking, writing, consulting, or interacting with clients, the public, my colleagues, or peers.

I am deeply committed to serving Christ and glorifying Him with my life and as a Christian Counselor. Therefore, I am dedicated to providing the highest quality services reflecting Christ and serving Him through my work. I believe that real healing comes from Christ. I rely on Him and the Holy Spirit to guide me in helping people work through their pain and resolve their problems. I believe that solutions to emotional pain and suffering come from Christ and not from within the individual. I do not lead people to themselves but to God, as I help them work through issues.

My mission is to walk with my clients on their journey to wholeness and freedom from the issues that bound them. I depend on Christ to guide me in using my skills and expertise to help people. My passion is to know Christ and help others grow in their relationship with Him, in everything I do, especially counseling.

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