And the God of Grace who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm, and steadfast. To Him be the power for ever and ever, Amen (1 Peter 5:10).

Specialty Areas

I focus on several areas in my private practice. I have worked in a variety of settings with different age groups and mental health issues throughout my career. I have particular expertise in the following areas.


I do a lot of work with men’s issues. I help men examine and resolve problems in their relationships with their wives, children, families, work, and friendships. I help them work through their anger, anxiety, stress, and depression related to life pressures and commitments. I help men resolve transitions and midlife crises. Many men come to me for help overcoming sexual addiction. I accomplishe this through individual therapy. I am especially interested in working with fathers. I enjoy helping men improve their fathering, resolve conflicts, and restore their relationships with their children. I also like helping men answer the tough questions in life as they clarify their roles and relationships with God, family, work, and friends. I am committed to helping men remain promise keepers.


I help women address many different types of problems. I do therapy with women suffering from anxiety and depression related to stress and family issues. I help women deal with the root causes of emotional problems related to sexual and physical abuse. I enable women to examine, understand, heal, and break free from the pain and bondage of past truama in their lives. I also work with many women struggling in their relationships with their husbands, boyfriends, and families. Many of these women are stuck in negative, abusive, conflictual relationships. I help them set appropriate boundaries and develop healthy relationships with others.

Children, Adolescents

Young Adults

I have worked with children and adolescents my entire career. I like to see them overcome the internal and external barriers in their lives. I work with children and adolescents who struggle acacemically and behaviorally. Many have difficulty making developmental transitions. I have particular expertise in helping students resolve underlying issues related to their underachievement or school failure. I enjoy helping children and adolescents overcome anxiety and depression. I like to help troubled children and adolescents become healthy and whole. I works hard to facilitate positive, nurturing, appropriate parent-child relationships. I do a lot of crisis intervention with children/adolescents and their families as well.

I also like helping young adults resolve the issues and challenges they face. I enjoy hellping them make healthy decisions and changes which facilitate greater independence and responsibilty, moving them forward in their lives.


I am committed to helping people work through tragedies, catastrophic losses, and traumatic events in their lives. I am experienced in crisis intervention and providing disaster mental health services. I work with people dealing with grief and loss. I help them go through the grieving process, toward healing and integration through Christ. I am compassionate and sensitive to those in grief.

Marriage and Family

I fight hard to preserve marriages and families. I believe that God hates divorce and I am committed to helping build strong marriages and families from the beginning. I enjoy working with couples in premarriage counseling to determine their compatiblity, resolve differences, and prepare for marriage. I work with many couples in counseling to heal, restore, and reconcile their marriages.I like helping couples resolve conflicts.

I do a considerable amount of family counseling too. I work with families to make adjustments, transitions, resolve conflicts, heal emotional wounds and restore relationships. I have considerable knowledgeable and esperience in helping blended families work through their issues and resolve conflicts. I delight in helping single parent families make adjustments and resolve problems unique to their situation. My heart especially goes out to the single moms and dads raising their children in our troubled world today.

Though you made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again. (Psalm 71:20)

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