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Running With Perseverance:

Daily Devotionals for Christians

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Day 216 -


Short Videos on: Running With Perseverance: Daily Devotionals for Christians Today (Page 1)
Day 215 Lost Sheep
Day 214 A Hardened Spirit and A Heart of Pride
Day 213 We Are Not of Those Who Shrink Back
Day 212 Hope for A Dark and Dying World
Day 211 Are you a grasshopper
Day 210 Taking Comfort in Gods Sovereignty
Day 209 Calling Good Evil and Evil Good
Day 208 Come all you who labor and are heavy laden
Day 207 Ministers of Hope
Day 206 We must obey God rather than men
Day 205 Redeem the Time Because the Days Are Evil
Day 204 Blameless and harmless in a perverse generation
Day 203 We Are Not of This World
Day 202 A Message of Hope for Fathers
Day 201 Hurt and Hate
Day 200 Born Again of Incorruptible Seed
Day 199 Love One Another Fervently with A Pure Heart
Day 198 Our Faith and Hope are in God
Day 197 Redeemed by the Precious Blood of Christ
Day 196 Aimless Conduct Received by Tradition
Day 195 Be Holy for I AM Holy
Day 194 Conforming to God
Day 193 Be Sober and Rest Your Hope Fully Upon the Grace of Christ
Day 192 Gird Up the Loins of Your Mind
Day 191 Inexpressible Joy
Day 190 Tested by Fire
Day 189 Grieved by Various Trials
Day 188 Kept by the Power of God Through Faith
Day 187 Incorruptible Inheritance
Day 186 Begotten to A Living Hope
Day 185 Elect According to the Foreknowledge of God
Day 184 Where is Their God
Day 183 Wisdom from Above
Day 182 There is Purpose in the Pain
Day 181 Bearing False Witness Part 2
Day 180 Bearing False Witness
Day 179 Rebuilding Your Walls
Day 178 Rebuilding Your Temple
Day 177 Fear - The Enemy of Obedience
Day 176 Get Out of the Boat
Day 175 Our Father Who Art in Heaven
Day 174 Stand Firm Let Nothing Move You
Day 173 Our Redemption Draws Near
Day 172 Persuaded
Day 171 Gods Love is Greater than hate
Day 170 Afraid of His Love
Day 169 Jesus Deliverer from the Wrath to Come
Day 168 Turning from Idols to Serving the Living God
Day 167 Sound Forth the Word of God
Day 166 The Joy of the Holy Spirit in Affliction
Day 165 The Gospel of Power in the Holy Spirit
Day 164 Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
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